After so many patriarchal perspectives on Awon Iya Wa, women have grown tired of the fear, negative stereotypes, and masculine impositions on wombanhood. Women are seeking their ancestral mothers for support, healing, empowerment and guidance in their lives as they reclaim divine wombanhood. It has brought up questions that I believe are necessary to ask and information that is essential to know about Iyami. While all connected, each has its own part.

There are human Iyami Aje. Iyami is a yoruba word for these feminine powers but the concept of Iyami is not limited to Yoruba or West African culture. They are world wide…. Igbo, for instance call them Iyambo Ekpe. Among the Mende, they were Sande and Bundo. They are the Matrikas in Tibet and India. In Mexican, Nagul traditions, they are Lechuzza.

In Europe, they were Black Doves and later Witches. The Dravidians hold a similar concept of 16 principles to the 16 Nityas…primordial goddesses each governing a lunar day with the 16th day being the full moon.

11 Naija Slangs That Are Still All The Rave

In any case, the societies in Nigeria are precolonial and pre Oyo empire extending across Africa and other indigenous societies each with their own name. When Ifa was introduced, it incorporated Iyami into its corpus thus there are stories of Orunmila seeking to join with Iyami. Ifa, at its roots begins with the earth Onile, itself.

Unfortunately, the interpretation of Iyami through the Ifa tradition is often skewed due to strong patriarchal influence, interpretations, and political corruption over hundreds of years. Like all mothers, they will correct character and discipline you, but they can also be loving, understanding and kind. They are not one dimensional. Only mindsets are one dimensional. In any case, Iyami is its own autonomous priesthood independent of any male dominated tradition and yet, there is no tradition or Odu without Iyami.

There are also Aje who exist in the spiritual world.Great post, I appreciate you and I would like to read your next post. Thanks for sharing this useful information. Yea I looked it up its from Africa and I have gotten so many of those scammers they are on all the dating sites I joined different ones and can't seem to get away from them They love you the very next day of talking.

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Hi I just started chatting with a guy by the name of William John Richard on fb. Idk he seems nice but he keeps putting in certain messages Alaye omg mi kilowa. What does this mean and have u ever heard of him being a scammer. Copy it then go to google and write: translate past your copy to English. I've become accustomed to exposing these guys frequently. I have been on various sites.

Olamide - Eleda Mi

It got to the point where I wasn't looking for a partner, I was enjoying running scammers off. There's a new scammer on waplog going by the name of Angeline that after two days asked me for money and when I became curious as if she was a real person or not she proceeded to curse me and say omo Iya. Iv got a guy from Nigeria that ask me to get his Visa and invatation papers he calls and says. He love me what can I do I'm confussedd.

I don't know why you would tell a scammer how to fix his errors. I've gotten some to admit they are young boys in West Africa being made to scam white people and want help getting out probably another type of scam. If you find anyone that wants you to send money to a place in the US, get the name, city, state and then turn it over to the police. It means a person in the US is helping them.Post a Comment. As someone have rightly said, that the most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.

Please never forget your history. The saying that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it may not actually be better in describing the case of omo Odua which we mistakenly called Yoruba up till today. But those who forget history are doomed to wear it, that is what is applicable in our own case in Odua land that we now regarded as Yoruba land. Yoruba is not our name from the beginning. In fact the way foreign religion and culture was impose on us is same way name Yoruba land was impose on us by the impriliast.

Yoruba is never our name from the beginning. Babalawo Obanifa will through the medium of this work explain and document in detail the meaning and origin of the word Yoruba ,how it come into existence and how it was impose on us by foreign imperialist. The name Yoruba is a disapproving and negative word; it is a name that should not be used to describe any race or set of people. As an one of the astute practicing Babalawo of this century, I have taken my time to diligently and painstakingly studied different stanza of Odu Ifa scripture which is the basis of wisdom,culture,philosopy ,medicine and spiritualty for the descendant of Odua.

I have never for seconds come across the word Yoruba in it. It seem the name is alien to our culture and everything we represent as descendant Of Odua. Apart from this no elders,king,spiritual leader of any sort in Yoruba land can publicly come out to explain and give any positive meaning to the word Yoruba.

The word Yoruba is political creation of name by foreign religion and political invaders. It has never been our name. They opine that before the coming into existence of this word the descendant of Oduduwa was known by different names such as Ife,Ekiti,Oyo,Egba,ijebu,Owu ,Yagba, and so on. And each of these division mention have their own different mode of political administration and sovereignty ,dialects that is different from one another, There is no any unifying language called Yoruba as we have today.

And so on. Oyo Empire was able to achieve this through their military strength and tribal war. In my course of personal study and research I actually find out the truth. History has it that before this 16 century and the rise of old Oyo empire to become political capital of Yoruba land, the Fulani and Hausa have been having trade and business interaction with the people of Oyo and Ibadan. Non of the descendant of Odua accept the name.

Somehow, they settled for Yoruba. Yoruba is a deviation of Yariba which the Yoruba people of that century rejected. The Ijebu, Ijesa and Egba rejected this name vehemently but because during the Kiriji war the Yoruba civil war where the collapse of Oyo Empire commenced and the signaling factor the imperialists used to prompt the rule over Oyo from covers.

The name Yoruba was foisted on Oyo and Ibadan mainly on documents and slowly the name Yoruba was enshrined in our culture and hence, our appellation. The Egba people then with some level of enlightenment and spirit of nationalism refuse to accept and answer the name Yoruba. So as at it is not every descendant of Odua that have accept this politically impose name on us by foreign invaders.

It is when the name now gain prominence that every body now embrace it. In our own case both the giver and the name given are not good. They are the one who form linguistic structure known as Yoruba language today into existence and is meant to promote and advance foreign religion majorly Christianity then.

They think having one unify language will enhance easy spread of their mission.Lagos is a fascinating place but every Lagosian knows that to survive, you must learn the language of the street. Twale Twale is an exclamation that is used to show respect to another person. In Lagos, saying Twale is accompanied by raising the two hands and raising a leg.

In dangerous situations, shouting twale can take you out of a dangerous situation. Area boys are the king of the street. In difficult situations learning to speak like them can save your life. Eja Eja is the Yoruba word for fish. In this case however, the meaning is far from it.

Therefore, you need to think twice before accepting an offer of Eja as it may not be Titus that the person is offering you. Some of them know that Katanguwa market is the place to get the best Akube.

Akube is slang for grade 1 second-hand wears. The slang is used to mean you need to get your head checked probably because of something you did or said!

Radionic A radionic work in his workshop in the floating slum. A radionic work in his workshop Radionic sound like a word out of Merriam Webster dictionary and its used as a professional description of the person who repairs electronic appliances like television, radio, DVD, etc.

Nobody cares what the real name is since Radionic has been adopted in Lagos as the professional name of the repairer of these appliances.

He might be brandishing a cane in one hand and holding a bottle of gin in the other hand. He probably has a deep baritone and his base is the bus-stop where he collects or extort money from commercial drivers. Somehow, the name has been adopted by Lagosians probably because the Igbos have been known to be in the business of selling copy-cat products in Lagos. It means the cloth material that is made available to friends and families to use uniformly during an Owamber.

That means something wonderful or noteworthy is going on and you need to be there. Lagosians love the opportunity to flaunt the gorgeous aso-ebi and enjoy free meal. The next time you get an invitation to attend a wedding or burial ceremony, know it is going to happen there! Click here. Crazy-Enuff - 5 years ago. You are a fool to the specific and you are just whining. Oduduwa - 5 years ago.

Judebox - 1 year ago. Anonymous - 5 years ago. Purpulex - 5 years ago. Orie wanbe yr head dey dere ,omo gboro street boi ,onbe gan o u dey tresspass o ,kilon worie wetin dey worry u ,ori iya yi sha ur mama head dey craze.

Nice one. Buh you never put Owa oo. Tommy - 5 years ago. Yinka - 5 years ago. Orlando - 5 years ago. Im beginning getting adapted to it.It doesn't work like that in many cases.

For instance, "Yewande" cannot be literally translated to "mother looked for me". I'm sure you know it doesn't really mean that. It's actually a name given to a girl whose grand mother just passed away shortly before her birth.

Yorubas use it more as a symbol and remembrance of the event rather than anything else. Yewande means the same as Yetunde and Iyabo. There are Yoruba names that have different spellings but actually mean the same thing. Nice thread. Ojukwu means face of death in Yoruba Igbo means grass in Yoruba Better now? Calm down, the list is not a comprehensive one, just a compilation from the op and his or her crew. Common yoruba names like balogun were also left out. Obasanjo sef no dey there. Mergic: Wot of Alampasu??.

Wot of Alampasu??. Cn any1 help me wyt dt. Jacob -means a cheat. Peter -means unstable. The most civilized, educated and down-to-earth people. Your Nemesis. Nke a bu inwe efe. What of iya Bambo?

Baba oloriburuku? Baba oloshi?

omo iyami meaning

I hear these names always. Awesome list of names. Hey, who banned me for posting on the thread? Is the op an alternate moniker for somebody? That would explain why its on frontpage.

omo iyami meaning

Who are the people looking for this information and who can only get it on nl? Never knew oo! Are you sure the yorubas and Igbos weren't enemies in the ancient.Do people find it difficult to understand you? Hello my name is Aldonia.

And yes I know iam a witch I realize that at an early age. But now I realize I have to in order to become whole seeking Guidance and Direction on my journey! Hello sir,good afternoon and greetings. I read the one on the witch and found a lot of the signs apply to me. I have been used and abuse,disrespected ,disregarded you name it. I am a male of course. I live in Guyana,south america. My name is Colin Ageda. Thank you. Aboru Aboye, thank you for contacting us and for confirming of having witchcraft signs.

Use the Contact Us page on our website to contact us and begin your witchcraft training as soon as possible. Please how can i reach a reliable babalawo in nigeria…most of them here are fake and only interested to extort money from clients. Aboru Aboye, thank you for commenting. Yes ,to almost all the questions above but how do i embrace this supernature power of iyami osoronga? Aboru Aboye, thank you for contacting us and for confirming you are a witch.

I am a witch rotten of the teeth when i reached a certain age. And then i hexed someone vehicle and it happen for what they did to me. Using your witchcraft power for evil is not good for you. It will attract bad karma to you and mess up your life which I doubt you want your life to be messed up. Aboru Aboye, all Babalawos on the internet are not fake and all Babalawos off the internet are not real.

Internet has nothing to do with genuinety of a Babalawo. If you dont encounter fake Babalawos you will not appreciate real Babalawos. Good luck to your quest! Many of the these questions are a yes. My ancestors have been directing me through this and n my dreams and meditation and prayer. What would you suggest?From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories.

Omo iyami. IMO aye. Omo iya. A s has already been indicated above, the. Fluoxetine does not act as a sedative. New Research on Participation. C omo nuevo comisario encargado del Personal y de la.

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omo iyami meaning

Add a translation. Spanish Omo iyami. English omo iyami. Spanish Omo. English Omo. Spanish omo aye. English IMO aye.

Top 10 Lagos Slangs You Must Know As A Lagosian/Resident

Spanish omo mio. English as mine. English sa aye. Spanish Omo iya. English Omo iya. Spanish omo aye what does it mean.

English omo aye. Spanish omo llegar a nuestro hotel:. English ow to get to us:. English ecause it was published in a newspaper. Spanish omo ponerse en contacto con nosotros:. English ow to contact us:. English A s has already been indicated above, the. English Fluoxetine does not act as a sedative.

English New Research on Participation. Spanish C omo nuevo comisario encargado del Personal y de la. English President of the European Commission.

English How is Rhynoplasty done? Get a better translation with 4, human contributions.